Sunday, February 1, 2015

MCQ ICT Questions with answers

      1. Which of the following searches websites by keyword(s)?
       a. Web bugs                             b. Search engine
       c. Spyware                               d. Portals
       e. None of these
     2.  When CPU is executing a program that is part of the operating system, it is said to
           be in -                            
      a. Interrupt mode        b. System mode
      c. Simplex mode         d. None

3.    A byte consists of how many bits?
       a. 16                                        b. 4
       c. 2                                          d. 8
       e. None of these

4.    Which of the following cannot be done using e-mail?
       a. Send an attachment                               b. Forward an e-mail
       c. Copy file from a remote computer        d. Reply to an e-mail
       e. None of these

      5.  Bit stands for –
      a. Binary Information term     b. Binary Digit
      c. Binary tree                           d. None

6.    Which one of the following is an extension of video file format in computers?
       a. jpg                                       b. exe
       c. mpg                                     d. bmp
       e. None of these

  1. Which one of the following devices is required to connect a computer to the internet?
       a. Pen Drive                           b. Mouse
       c. DVD                                  d. Modem
       e. None of these

      8.    Which one of the following devices is a must to run a computer?
        a. Speaker                  b. CD-ROM
        c. USB Drive            d. Processor
        e. None of these

  1. When you start your computer then which component works first?
              a. BIOS                     b. Processor
              c. Hard disk             d. RAM

10.  Which of the following is an example of system software?
       a. Fire fox                              b. Notepad
       c. Windows98                       d. Avira
       e. None of these

11.  Which of the following is an input device?
       a. CRT Monitor                    b. speaker
       c. Printer                               d. keyboard
       e. None of these

12.  Which of the following is not an example of secondary storage device?
       a. Hard disks                        b. RAM
       c. Magnetic tapes                 d. CD
       e. None of these

13.  Which of the following is an Antivirus Software?
       a. Photoshop                         b. Norton
       c. Yahoo                               d. Flash
       e. None of these

       14.  Which of the following commands is given to reboot the computer?
        a. Ctrl + Alt + Del                 b. Ctrl + Alt + Tab
        c. Ctrl + Shift + Del              d. Ctrl + Shift + Tab

15.  Which one of the following is called the Brain of the computer?
       a. Memory                            b. CPU
       c. Hard disk                          d. RAM
       e. None of these

       16.  The ASCII  code of ‘A’ is-
          a. 60                        b. 80
          c. 65                        d. 100

       17.  RAM is –
       a. Non-volatile                      b. Secondary storage
       c. Permanent storage            d. Volatile
       18.  OMR means –
      a. Optical Mark Recognition               b. Original Mark Recognition
      c. Only Mark Reading                        d. Optical Media Reading

       19.  Firmware is built using –
       a. RAM                          b. Video Memory
      c. Cache Memory            d. ROM

20.  Which of the following is not an internet search engine?
       a. Google                              b. Yahoo
       c. MSN                                 d. Windows
       e. AOL